Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowships


Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidates must hold a tenure track (or equivalent) position at a college, university, or other degree-granting institution in the United States or Canada.  Tenure track faculty positions at the candidate’s institution must include a yearly teaching requirement.
  • Candidates must hold a Ph.D. (or equivalent) in chemistry, computational or evolutionary molecular biology, computer science, economics, mathematics, neuroscience, ocean sciences, physics, or a related field;
  • Candidates’ most recent Ph.D. (or equivalent) must have been awarded on or after September 1, 2010.  Exceptions may apply.  See footnote** below.

Questions about how these eligibility requirements apply to you?  See our FAQ page or email us at

**The Selection Committees may make exceptions for candidates who were awarded their Ph.D. prior to September 1, 2010 if their careers were disrupted due to military service, child-rearing, or a change of field.  The Committees may also make exceptions for candidates who are currently serving in their first faculty position and who were appointed to that position on or after September 1, 2014.


  • In order to be considered for a Sloan Research Fellowship, a candidate must have a letter of nomination from a department head or other senior researcher. Submissions unaccompanied by a nomination letter from a senior researcher are not accepted.
  • More than one candidate from a department may be nominated, but no more than three.
Who Should Be Nominated?

Successful candidates for a Sloan Research Fellowship generally have a strong record of significant independent research accomplishments that demonstrate creativity and the potential to become future leaders in the scientific community. Nominated candidates are normally below the rank of associate professor and do not hold tenure, but these are not strict requirements.

In keeping with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s longstanding support of underrepresented minorities in the sciences, the Foundation strongly encourages the nomination of qualified women and minority candidates.

Materials required

  • letter from a department head or other senior researcher officially nominating the candidate and describing his or her qualifications, initiative, and research;
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae (including a list of the candidates scientific publications);
  • Two representative articles by the candidate;
  • A brief (one-page) statement by the candidate describing his or her significant scientific work and immediate research plans;
  • Three letters from other researchers (preferably not all from the same institution) written in support of the candidate’s nomination.

How to Submit Nomination Materials

All materials must be uploaded and submitted through the Foundation’s online application portal.  See the Apply page for more information.


Nominations are reviewed and candidates selected by an independent selection committee of distinguished scientists in each eligible field.

Fellows are selected on the basis of their independent research accomplishments, creativity, and potential to become leaders in the scientific community through their contributions to their field.

Awards are announced in mid-February.


Nominations for the 2018 Sloan Research Fellowships will open in summer 2017.

All nomination materials, including nomination letters and all letters of support, must be submitted through the Foundation’s online application system no later than 11:59PM EDT, September 15, 2017.

Selection Committees

Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Thomas Mallouk, The Pennsylvania State University
Tom Muir, Princeton University
Melanie Sanford, University of Michigan

Bonnie Berger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stephen Mayo, CalTech
Molly Przworski, Columbia University

Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley
Ronitt Rubinfeld, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Margo I. Seltzer, Harvard University

Judy Chevalier, Yale University
Robert Shimer, University of Chicago
Matthew Gentzkow, Stanford University

Anna Gilbert, University of Michigan
Christopher Hacon, University of Utah
Tomasz S. Mrowka, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dora E. Angelaki, Baylor College of Medicine
Lynn Landmesser, Case Western Reserve University
Amita Sehgal, University of Pennsylvania

Samantha Joye, University of Georgia
Nancy Knowlton, UC San Diego
George Philander, Princeton University

David Awschalom, University of Chicago
Gibor Basri, University of California, Berkeley
Catherine Kallin, McMaster University
Anne E. Nelson, University of Washington


Gender: All
Country: USA
State: All
Grade level: Undergraduate
GPA: 3
Need or Merit: Merit
Race: All
Ethnicity: All
Religion: All
Major: All
Veterans: Yes
Employment: Yes
Community Service: Yes
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