Grand Prix de l’Innovation Digitale – Innovative Person of the Year Award


The Grand Prize for Digital Innovation (ID16), organized by Petit Web, recognizes innovation in all aspects of digital technology in the French-speaking world. It is based on two criteria: the unprecedented nature of the project and its current or potential impact on the market becauseĀ  the innovation that lasts is one that affects people ‘ .ID16 is aimed at small and large companies in the private and public sectors, communication agencies, public authorities and start-ups, who can file their applications from 1 February to 4 May 2016.

ID16 rewards innovation in 7 categories

  • Social Transformation (cultural, social, health and education projects)
  • Customer experience (e-commerce, distribution and services to the public)
  • Data (use of data, visualization)
  • Communities (social networks, content and platforms)
  • Communication (advertising, communication devices)
  • Enterprise Optimized (digital transformation, BtoB tools and services)
  • Connected Life (connected objects, smart cities, mobile applications)

Each category distinguishes a Gold ID, a Silver ID and a Bronze ID.


Gender: All
Country: France
State: n/a
Grade level: Undergraduate
GPA: 3
Need or Merit: Merit
Race: All
Ethnicity: All
Religion: All
Major: All
Veterans: Yes
Employment: Yes
Community Service: No
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