University of Rochester – Xerox Award For Excellence in Computer Science


The University of Rochester is pleased to sponsor four prestigious awards that recognize high school juniors’ outstanding achievements in leadership and academics.

Nomination Information

Each year, participating high schools may nominate up to four qualified students, one for each of these awards. All nominees will have their application fee waived and will be eligible to be considered for merit scholarships worth at least $10,000 per year.

Participation in these programs is open to all secondary schools. The final deadline for nominations to be submitted is June 15, 2016. For awards to be delivered in time for spring awards ceremonies, there is a priority deadline of March 15, 2016. All award packets will be mailed directly to the award nominator at their high school.

If you have any questions, please contact the High School Awards Program Manager at or at (585) 275-3221, toll free at (888) 822-2256.

View the High School Awards and Counselor Programs publication


The 2016–2017 nomination season is now open!

There are two ways to submit nomination(s) of your juniors:


  • Download a .pdf of the nomination form. (Nominations submitted via .pdf may experience a delay in processing.)

To review the submission of your school’s nomination(s), enter your school CEEB code and the nomination password.

If you have questions, please email

A Reminder of Award Qualifications

Please note, the relative weighting of award criteria is left to the discretion of the faculty at the individual high school, but all criteria should be taken into consideration.

Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award

  • High achievement and rigor in science classes
  • High PSAT Math and/or SAT Math scores
  • Positive contributions to their school and within the larger community

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award

  • Demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues
  • Leadership and dedication to community action
  • Strong grades and rigorous courses taken in the humanities and social sciences

George Eastman Young Leaders Award

  • Strong leadership experience at school and in the community
  • High grades and challenging courses
  • Extensive involvement in extracurricular activities

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology

  • Strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and a high level of achievement in this area
  • Exposure to new technologies outside of school, such as pursuing serious work opportunities in local laboratories or industry
  • Leading other students to new approaches to old problems, e.g. business plans for fundraising; innovative community service; after-school activities; and best uses of internal communications tools such as chat and blogs


Gender: All
Country: USA
State: All
Grade level: Undergraduate
GPA: 3
Need or Merit: Merit
Race: All
Ethnicity: All
Religion: All
Major: All
Veterans: Yes
Employment: Yes
Community Service: No
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