The E. Perry & Grace Beatty Memorial Foundation


Our Mission

The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges efficiently solicits financial support from corporations, foundations and other donors and distributes those funds to our member colleges and universities for educational programs, scholarships and collaborative efforts.

Our Purpose

The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges was founded in 1950 to conduct annual solicitations of companies and foundations to benefit private colleges in Ohio. OFIC today has 34 member institutions and 93,000 students. Solicitation is conducted annually with the help of hundreds of corporate and collegiate volunteers calling on companies and foundations headquartered or doing business in Ohio. OFIC raises both unrestricted and restricted gifts including scholarships and endowments. Unrestricted gifts are largely used for student financial aid.

Our Commitment

The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges is committed to being America’s premier state foundation dedicated to supporting independent colleges and universities.

We carry out this commitment by:

  • enabling donors to directly help students achieve their educational goals
  • distributing funds efficiently to our member colleges and universities
  • recognizing our donors appropriately for their support of independent higher education
  • remembering that the ultimate value of our efforts and our donors’ gifts is demonstrated through the successful, productive lives of our students and graduates


Gender: All
Country: USA
State: Ohio
Grade level: Undergraduate
GPA: 3
Need or Merit: Merit
Race: All
Ethnicity: All
Religion: All
Major: All
Veterans: Yes
Employment: Yes
Community Service: Yes
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