Brown Internship Award Program Summer Earnings Waiver


LINK Award

Q. What is the Brown LINK Award? 

A. Managed by the Center for Careers and Life After Brown (CareerLAB) the Brown LINK provides financial assistance to a limited number of students pursuing career-related internships over the summer.

This is a competitive program with application deadlines in March and April. For full details and eligibility requirements, please visit the CareerLAB website.

Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRA)

Q. What is the UTRA Program?

A. Students participating in an UTRA are awarded a fellowship for study or research by working closely with a faculty member. The work can be based on a student’s initiative, particular question, or specialized ability. The UTRA program is coordinated by the Office of the Dean of the College. For more information, please visit the UTRA website.

Summer Earnings Waiver (SEW)

Q. What is a Summer Earnings Waiver?

A. Summer Earnings Waivers (SEWs) are awarded in conjunction with the LINK and UTRA programs to University Scholarship eligible students.   Recipients are provided additional scholarship to replace the Standard Contribution (SC) from Summer Earnings Expectation. The portion of the SC waived will not exceed the standard summer earnings expectation for the student’s grade level and is subject to annual review.

Q. Who is eligible for a Summer Earnings Waiver?

A. Aided students who receive University Scholarship and receive a LINK or UTRA award may be eligible for a SEW.  LINK and UTRA applicants are automatically considered for a SEW when applying to these programs – no separate application is required.   Students are eligible for a SEW only one time during their four years at Brown; for example, if a student secures a LINK/SEW in his/her first summer at Brown, and an UTRA the second summer, s/he will only receive a SEW with the first award (the LINK in the first summer and not again with the UTRA).

Receipt of the SEW is contingent on a student’s eligibility for University Scholarship in the academic year following the summer LINK or UTRA award.  The SEW is not transferrable to another academic year.

Summer Financial Aid

Q. Is financial aid available for summer classes at Brown?

A. Yes, if you are taking summer courses at Brown, you may qualify for a summer grant. The amount of the grant will depend on the amount of University Scholarship you receive during the academic year and the number of summer courses you are taking. In addition, students can apply for loan funds to supplement their summer grant in meeting the cost of course fees and other living expenses.

Q. How do I apply for a summer grant for classes at Brown?

A. Brown Undergraduates who receive University Scholarship during the academic year will be eligible for partial summer course fee remission. The amount you are eligible for will be awarded to you automatically.

Q. I have financial aid during the year, can I receive a Summer Grant for summer classes at Brown?

A. If you are an undergraduate student who received Brown University Scholarship (US) during the current academic year, you can receive a Summer Grant.

Q. My summer award only shows grant money, why don’t I have loans?

A. You need to apply for loans separately based on what you actually need. We do not automatically award loans, since borrowing loans over the summer may impact the student’s borrowing capability for the upcoming academic year.

Q. How is loan eligibility determined for summer classes at Brown?

A. To estimate your loan eligibility for classes taken at Brown in the summer, take the summer Cost of Attendance and subtract from it the summer grant awarded by the School of Professional Studies.  The result is an estimate of what you may be eligible to borrow in a summer loan.  The amount of loan you borrow during the summer semester may inpact your borrowing ability during the academic year.


Gender: All
Country: USA
State: All
Grade level: Undergraduate
GPA: 3
Need or Merit: Merit
Race: All
Ethnicity: All
Religion: All
Major: All
Veterans: Yes
Employment: Yes
Community Service: Yes
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